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Frequently asked questions about our using the SA Roll Manager site.

Frequently asked questions about accessing and configuring the site:

Frequently asked questions about working with People (Members).

Information about the reports.

Frequently asked questions about new features under development.

SA Roll Manager Tutorials (.pdf format files)

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•  Adding A New Person
•  Add a New Program and Members
•  Adding Attendance Records
•  Transfer Junior Soldier to Senior Soldier
•  Transfer Adherent to Senior Soldier
•  Transfer Recruit to Senior Soldier
•  Manage Zip Codes
•  Soldier Transfer Certificate (Open to edit and then print)
•  Reporting A System Problem.

Accessing and configuring the site

What login does a Corps Officer use to log into SA Roll Manager?

Each Corps has a default (Generic) login.
For example, it might be: Officer_AtlantaTemple.
DHQ will change the password for the default login when an officer moves.
Each Corps Officer can create and manage the logins for their Corps so they can add or make inactive logins to give or remove access to the SA Roll Manager system.

What will be loaded for my Corps?

DHQ will provide a list of Senior Soldiers, Junior Soldiers, Adherents, and Recruits for each Corps in their division.
These members will be loaded and their membership to these programs recorded as the initial load.
All other people (members) of Corps programs will need to be added at the Corps level..

What setup / configuration options are available for each Corps?

From the main menu, click on the link for: 'Manage Corps/Unit Setup' and then select your Corps name.
Select to make active or inactive options such as:
* Zip Code in Drop-Down list (used on the Members screen to fill in City, County, State.
* Show Family relationships (used to connect spouse, and parent/child relationship).
* up to five additional values for each member that can be customized for each Corps.
   *For example: Pickup route with values such as Red Van, White Van, or None.

What additional configuration should be completed once the initial load of members for my Corps is completed?

Zip Codes for your Corps service area should be loaded using the link: 'Manage Zip Codes for Corps area'.
This allows selection of a zip code and County, City, and State will automatically be updated on the new Member record.
Then, All other people that are part of Corps Programs should also be loaded.
This is typically done via the 'Add a new Person' link or by finding an existing member (Search by Person Last Name or by First Name)
Once you are on a member's screen, you can add and connect family members using the available links:
•    Add Parent #1
•    Add Parent #2
•    Add Spouse
•    Add Child
Or if the person is already in the system, then use these links to connect family members:
•    Select Parent #1 or #2
•    Select Spouse
•    Select Children

What programs will be available at the initial load?

Here is the list of Program names that will be configured for every Corps in the system:
•    Adherents
•    Adventure Corps Explorer
•    Adventure Corps Ranger
•    After School
•    Boy Scouts: Cubs
•    Boy Scouts: Scout
•    Boy Scouts: Venturing
•    Childrens Group
•    Church Member
•    Community Care
•    Corps Cadet
•    Corps Council
•    Girl Guard
•    Jr. Community Care
•    Junior Soldier
•    Mens Fellowship Club
•    Moonbeams
•    Recruits
•    Senior Brass Band
•    Senior Soldier
•    Senior Timbrels
•    Singing Company
•    Songsters
•    Summer Camp
•    Sunbeams
•    Teen Group
•    Womens Ministries
•    Young Adult Ministries
•    Youth Brass Band
•    Youth Chorus
•    Youth Timbrels

What if we don't use one or more of these programs?

You can't delete or rename these programs, but you can make them inactive if they have no active members.
This will remove the program name from any drop-down list for your Corps.

Can I add additional programs that are not on the list?

Yes. Open the Manage Programs link from the Menu
Then click on the link for 'Add New Program Info'.
Complete required information and then you can add members to the program.

What are the Sr./Jr. Soldier Status values and their meanings?

Soldier Classification Status:

Choose one of the following for SATISFACTORY classification:
•   Satisfactory Active - soldier participates in Corps activities to the best of his ability.
•   Satisfactory Inactive - soldier is unable to participate in Corps activities, satisfactory in other respects. Examples: Shut-ins, Military, College students, etc.

Choose one of the following for UNSATISFACTORY classification:
•   Unsatisfactory Backslidden
•   Unsatisfactory Other Church
•   Unsatisfactory Unknown
•   Unsatisfactory Other

Frequently asked questions about working with People (Members).

How do I add new people/Members to the system?

You must add each Member to the system before they can be included in any of the programs.
Typically, you would add the Head of Household first (HOH).
Then add Spouse and Children, along with selecting the program membership for each person.
When adding a family, the address and home phone will be copied from HOH to each connected record automatically.
(Be sure to set: 'Show Family relationships' to 'Yes' on the Corps Setup page.)

What is the procedure for adding or removing members to Programs that require DHQ approval to complete the process?

Certain programs have a restriction that requires DHQ Approval for adding or removing members, such as Junior and Senior Soldiers.
This allows the Divisional Statistician and the program secretary to verify that they meet program requirements and that they are not already members of another Corps)
When the Corps Officer adds members to this type of program, the name is added with a status of 'PendingAdd'. The person's name will be available for taking attendance and will be included in statistical counts at this point.
The person responsible for this process at the division will receive an e-mail about this new member, and will complete the process to change their status to Active.
This may be left pending until required paperwork is received at the division.
Similarly, requesting a member be removed from certain programs also requires Divisional approval and may take place only at certain set times of the year, such as at the annual Corps review.
To request removal (following Divisional program guidelines) the Corps Officer changes the member's status from Active to PendingRemove.
The Divisional Officer working with the Corps Officer will complete this process.
Certain exceptions to the standard removal process, such as Promotion to Glory of the member of a written request from the member to be removed may be handled outside of the standard review time.

What about adding or removing a member from a program that does not require restricted approval?

Members of programs that do not restrict Adding or Removing are done interactively by the Corps Officer.
Adding new members immediately makes the person active in the program,
and clicking on remove immediately takes them out of the program.
There is a record of all membership changes attached to each member's history along with the date and the login of the person making the change.

When adding an Officer to the Membership of this Corps, how should their rank be entered?

Add first name / last name without rank, and then use the Title/Rank: field to hold their current rank.
This will allow searching by name without having to account for rank which changes over time.

How does the Transfer process work when a member or a family moves from one Corps to another?

Typically, A family or individual requests of their new Corps Officer that their membership role be transferred.
The Receiving Corps Officer contacts the Sending Corps Officer along with the Divisional Statistician to begin the process.
The process inside SA Roll Manager follows these steps:
If moving within a division, then DHQ authority can perform the transfer otherwise THQ authority is required.
If Family tracking is enabled in the Sending Corps, then you can move either the entire family by selecting the HOH or you can move just a single person (for example, a child is moving).
If moving a Family, select the HOH, which will present to the DHQ/THQ admin the HOH & Spouse and all children and a check box next to names to confirm each person is moving.
If a single person, then just a single name listed on the next screen.
Note: A warning message will be displayed if any of the people being transferred still holds a Local Officer Position in the Sending Corps. All people must be removed from their current Local Officer position(s) prior to starting the transfer process to another Corps, Division or Territory.
For each person:
   If they are a member of one of these programs: (Adherents, Recruits, Junior Soldier, or Senior Soldier) then this role will be transferred)
      (The current rules allow a member to be in only one of these programs at a time)
   The following Character Building Programs will also be transferred: (Girl Guard, Sunbeams, Moonbeams, Adventure Corps Explorer, Adventure Corps Ranger, or Corps Cadet).
   Youth Badge names are not tied to the Corps but are system wide and stay with the Member, so these automatically transfer as well.

Information about the reports.


•    PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP REPORT - This is a listing of members by program. It provides their contact information and whether they are active or inactive in a specific program.

•    LOCAL OFFICER MEMBERSHIP REPORT (BY POSITION) - This is a listing of Local Officers by position. This will be helpful in the preparation of reviews and knowing who is a Local Officer in the Corps.

•    LOCAL OFFICER MEMBERSHIP REPORT (BY PERSON) - This is a listing of Local Officers by person. This will be helpful in the preparation of Local Officer’s Bonds. The Divisional Statistician can view this report to make sure a person doesn’t already hold a position on a roll that prohibits duplication. (i.e. Corps Council, Jr. & Sr. Pastoral Care Council, etc..)

•    MEMBER CONTACT INFORMATION - This report provides contact information for each member and can be used to generate a mailing list with MailMerge to produce mailing labels.

•    DUPLICATE MEMBERSHIP REPORT - Valuable for Corps and DHQ to see if someone is a member elsewhere in the division.

•    JUNIOR SOLDIER ROLL CLASSIFICATION - This is a listing of Junior Soldiers for a selected Corps. It provides soldiership, classification, transfer and removal details. Active links were provided to update the membership details. This is helpful in the preparation of reviews.

•    SENIOR SOLDIER ROLL CLASSIFICATION - This is a listing of Senior Soldiers for a selected Corps. It shows satisfactory and unsatisfactory active details for each soldier. Active links are provided to update the membership details. This is helpful in the preparation of reviews. (Note: Pending means that the name has been requested to be removed, but the annual review has not happened yet.)

•    INACTIVE MEMBER REPORT - This is a listing of members who no longer have a relationship with the Corps. Members that are Promoted to Glory / moved /attending another church / whatever) can be made Inactive to hide their name from all search screens. The system does not have a Delete Person function - because there is statistical data tied to people who once attended one or more programs but is not currently attending. There is always the opportunity for someone to come back to the Corps after a period of absence and they can be found on the Inactive Person search screen and changed to Active.

•    MEMBERSHIP STATUS CHANGE (BY ALL) - This report tracks ALL status changes. (Not just those that required DHQ approval. It can be limited to a date range and / or a single program. It would be used by the Corps Officer and/or the Local Officer/person in charge of a program to see what happened during that date range.

•    MEMBERSHIP STATUS CHANGE (BY DHQ) - This tells what changes DHQ did to membership along with the date and the comments. It would be in response to a request for a membership change, typically an ADD or REMOVE that requires DHQ approval. Notice that it has the Corps Officer entered program notes for this person, along with the DHQ notes upon the action. This report is useful to the Divisional Statisticians in explaining soldier movement. They can find out why a person was removed and if they transferred to another Roll, Corps, Division or Territory.

•    PROGRAM MEMBERS WITH RESTRICTION ERRORS - This is run at least once a year, after THQ updates the grade of every member (child) - so the Corps Officer can find the children that are no longer eligible to be in those programs that have Grade (and other) restrictions.

•    STATISTICS REPORT - This is simply a count of members that includes all programs. Where Quick Statistics just shows the top 10 (as selected by the Corps Officer).

•    PARTICIPANTS WITHOUT MEMBERSHIP - This report shows anyone that is not a member of any program. It would be used by the Corps Officer to find participants that are not showing up in any of the statistics or Program counts. Participants who actually are not members of any program could potentially be made inactive so that they are not shown in any of the search screens.

•    CORPS DIRECTORY - This report works in conjunction with the Show Family relationships option being enabled in the Site Setup screen, and then the Head of Household being selected for each family. The tool for managing this is on the main menu: Search and update HOH for the Corps Directory. It will print by household: HOH, then spouse, then children.

•    CORPS DIRECTORY LANDSCAPE - This report works in conjunction with the Show Family relationships option being enabled in the Site Setup screen, and then the HOH being selected for each family. The tool for managing this is on the main menu: Search and update HOH for Corps Directory. It will print by household: HOH, then spouse, then children.

•    PRINT PERMISSION FORM - This report works in conjunction with the Show Family relationships option being enabled in the Site Setup screen, and then the HOH being selected for each family. It will print a permission form for each Household using the text entered on the Corps Setup screen :: CD Permission Letter Text. Optionally, you can print a single Household letter from the Members information screen if that person is the HOH.

Frequently asked questions about new features under development.

Are Local Officer positions and membership also managed through the SA Roll Manager system? How does this work?

Local Officer membership is still under development
The system currently allows adding members to Local Officer positions, so current LO at the Corps can be added by the Corps Officer or at the Divisional level.
Once this area has been finalized, additional details will be provided.

Can attendance and meeting collections be input for program members via SA Roll Manager?

The Attendance module is still under development.
The link from the main menu: 'Manage Program Attendance' allows you to select a program and a date and then record from the list of members if they were present on that date.
Currently, the concept of collecting 'dues' for things like Girl Guards is available but may be changed as this module is completed.
Recording meeting collections and splitting the contribution across categories like World Services / Cartridge is still under development.

What is the Corps Directory feature of SA Roll Manager?

There are two reports that will build an excel based Corps Directory.
This can be generated on demand using the family relationships connecting Members in the system.
Please see the PowerPoint 'How To' demonstrations section (follow this link) at the top of this page.